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Fulvic & HumicAcids
Rootinn for Hemp Growers
Here at Rootinn, we recognize the pivotal role of meso- and microelements in offering natural protection to hemp plants.


Hemp plants require more than just the essential nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium but also around 30 additional nutrients
The absence or imbalance of these elements in the nutrient mix can compromise the plant's immune system. This makes hemp vulnerable, particularly in challenging environmental conditions.

Rootinn is

free from compost, manure, or waste from pesticide-treated crops
free from chemical fertilizers
free from weeds and germs
free from chloride
safe for the environment
Free from synthetic chelates
We recognize the unique requirements of hemp cultivation industry. So, Rootinn aims to enhance your hemp farming experience.

Our products go beyond typical fertilizers, as they are developed through cooperation between farmers, academic researchers, and dedicated enthusiasts.


Rootinn foliar fertilizers are innovative products that make available both essential minerals and critical trace elements to hemp plants. The products enter mostly through the leaves stomata enhancing cellular activities. Rootinn Foliar are most effective when sprayed directly, though they can also be mixed into irrigation water for application.


Rootinn for the pre mix in soil & coco. These products are perfect for soil treatment of hemp farms whether indoors, greenhouse, or outdoors type.


Rootinn as seed/seedling coat booster is a mineral fertilizer for coating seeds before germination. It can be used as a paste or powder for cuttings, and it's also good as a foliar spray when plants grow from seedlings to the flowering stage in their early growth phase (phase A).

JAM Technology

Jet-stream Activation and Micronization
We produce our fertilizers by using natural minerals with essential meso- and micronutrients and applying a unique technology that enhances them, with no chemical reactions involved. We harness intense collisions to break mineral particles into smaller energetically enriched fragments, measuring just 3 μm (microns).

The minerals’ crystalline lattice structure becomes altered and asymmetrical. This leads to a substantial increase in their reactive surface. In combination with solvents (water, cytoplasm, or natural acids), it speeds up the release of nutrient ions from the minerals, maximizing absorption through plant stomata ... Learn more
High Zeta potential in mineral particles ensures even nutrients dispersal (distribution) through the plant, making them much more bioavailable, even at low application dosages.

Production facilities and raw materials sources are located in Eurasia, South America, and the Middle East. The primary criteria for production placement are high-quality raw materials availability and closeness to target markets.

Rootinn products are manufactured to high environmental standards, with near-zero emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses, and are effective in application from both an agronomic and economic perspective.

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Surface mining
without chemical process
Mixing process
Combining mineral parties to granules 1-6 mm.

Action Mechanism

Rootinn boosts photosynthesis, polyphenol, and protein production, leading to larger chloroplasts and more efficient enzyme production, increasing resilience.
Elements are mobilized to the right place in leaves, where calcium and silicon strengthen cell walls and enhance immunity. Rootinn optimizes the potassium/calcium ratio in crops, reducing excessive evaporation and enhancing membrane function, thus improving stress tolerance.

What “Next generation product” means?

Enhanced Quality
Plants treated with Rootinn have significantly higher-quality foliage, ensuring a healthier and more robust plant.
Resilient Growth
Rootinn-treated seedlings grow vigorously, developing resilience against diseases, infections, and infestations.
Rootinn enhances the adaptability of plants to environmental changes, promoting consistent growth.
Rootinn reduces the need for additional maintenance inputs in plantations and makes growing cycles shorter.
Essential Elements
Packed with vital elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Silicon, Sulphur, Iron, Boron, Manganese, Zinc, and Selenium, Rootinn fosters robust plant growth.
Soil Harmony
Rootinn restores the natural balance between soil and plants, diminishing soil salinity and alkalinity.
Optimized Germination
Rootinn activates germination, stimulates field emergence, and enhances overall plant viability.
Water Conservation
Rootinn enables soil moisture retention, preserving precious water resources.
Low Environmental Impact
The production and application processes of Rootinn result in minimal carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.


Do Rootinn products have side effects?
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Are Rootinn foliar application products soluble in water?
What is AquaSave?
What are the advantages, uses, effects, and differences between Rootinn products and other hemp plant strengtheners?

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